Episode 39- Swimming Against The Tide 

From choosing to home-school when others are taking their kids to school, to not going to university when your mates are. 

From choosing to live frugally when others are spending to choosing to start a business with all the…

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Episode 37- Resilience: We can do hard things 

“We can do hard things” 

I first heard that phrase from the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle and it’s stayed with me since 

Have you ever experienced adversity so great that the normal stuff you do feels like…

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Episode 31- What To Do If You Feel Behind In Life 

I read a social media post recently on how a lot of the failed music artists were mostly women. Women who were probably even more talented than their male counterparts. But life happened and they ended up falling behind 

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Episode 29- The Incredible Benefits of Journaling 

If you’ve listened to The Girl Unlimited Podcast for any length of time then you’d know how much we dislike barriers and stereotypes. Nothing wrong with barriers if it is keeping negativity and danger away.  

But if it is…

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