Episode 27: What To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck 

If you’re anything like me then feeling stuck is not new to you.  

In fact, you’re probably feeling stuck right now whether that is in a job (or business) you hate, a relationship that you feel you can’t leave…

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Episode 25- How To Play The Consistency Game And Win 

We’re talking about this one ingredient that would greatly determine whether you succeed at something or not  

You’ll need it to reach your goals…unless that goal is to win the lottery in which case you are probably listening to…

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Episode 23- What Are You afraid of?  

Today, I’m sharing a few thoughts on the number one reason It took four years to start this podcast. 

It’s the number one reason that IMO plagues and prevents most people from starting or scaling 

We are talking…

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Episode 19- Help! I Have No Dreams 

This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available. 

Are you one of those folks claiming not to have any dreams?? 

I TOTALLY understand. I found myself there at one time (I share…

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