Episode 15- The Power and Purpose of Being Still 

In today’s episode, Tee is talking about stillness 

Learning to be still. Taking a moment to come off the hamster wheel or the autopilot work mode for a second and not analysing the past or the scheming and strategising…

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Episode 7- What Do you REALLY Want? 

So tell me, what do you really want? (I've had to restrain myself from going all Spice Girls on ya🤣) 

No, but seriously, what DO you want? 

That's the topic we're delving into in this week's solo episode. 

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Knowing When to Stick And When To Quit 

In today’s solo episode, Tee is looking at the concept of quitting 

We’ve all heard the phrases and those buzz words thrown all over social media 

Never give up.  

Quitters never win and winners never quit 

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