The Chance Meetings (A short story)

Asi winced slightly as she gently kneaded her foot. She took in her surroundings. She was still reeling from the breath taking views from their hike up Table Mountain today.


Not bad as far as hostels go, she thought



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Another Beginning (A short story)

Annabel’s cries turned to screams and pierced through the door of the birthing suite. Megan could feel them vibrate in her chest. It had been like this for the last hour

Her mouth was dry. Water. She needed water

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How I've remained sane during the pandemic


I felt a lot of resistance in writing this piece.  

I mean, I feel resistance every single time I sit to write. But today’s was particularly bad.  

I sit here trying to write this at 7.14…

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Love Sung Live- My experience

"Hi Tose, some bad news, unfortunately..."

That was the first line in the text I received from the photographer I had booked for Love Sung Live. Hey, stuff happens so normally i wouldn't mind, really. Except this was…

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Meet ups- In The Flesh

This post might not resonate with everybody. But if you are an 'introvertish' homebody, read on...

I recently stumbled on an advert on TV: A young man sharing on the benefits of face to face contact vis-a-vis virtual. It was…

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I've been really intrigued by studies I have come across on how much writing down your goals AND reviewing them consistently affects your ability to achieve 42%! How? Well, it's simple: writing down your goals and reviewing them tells…

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My Top Ten Christian/Worship/Gospel Songs of 2015

  It's December and almost Christmas! Finally done with my shopping and I am pretty proud of myself for finishing FIVE whole days before Christmas (yeah, I'm your typical last minute dot com shopper). We have a tradition in my home…Read more