Episode 26- In Conversation with Successful Indie Romance Author Dayo Benson  

Back in Episode 19, I talked about one of the ways to rediscover your dreams was to ‘follow the envy’…(If you haven’t listened to that episode I suggest definitely checking it out :)) 

Anyways, imagine my surprise when my guest in today's episode talked about jealousy (or in my words envy) being one of the ways she discovered her dream and passion for writing 

Well, she certainly hit her sweet spot squarely because as of today Dayo Benson is an accomplished Amazon Bestselling author with over 50 novels under her belt and is still going strong 

From sweet contemporary romance (which is my favourite fiction genre by the way) to gritty romantic thrillers, Dayo is passionate about using fiction to convey powerful messages about redemption and God's love 

Dayo has been a full-time author since 2016- a much-coveted position for a lot of authors 

We talk about everything from her early attempts at writing whilst studying molecular biology at Uni to her transition to the full-time author with a young family in tow. 

We even talk of how she wrote one novel almost one-handed because her baby at the time didn’t want to be put down! 

This is a rare opportunity- for not just aspiring authors but for anyone dreaming of designing their life around their art- to glean from the experience of a successful self-publishing author who rarely grants interviews so we’re truly fortunate to have Dayo on the podcast this week 


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