Welcome! So thrilled you could stop by.
So much has changed since I published this website. At first, it was simply going to be a music website. In fact, I was going to call it 'tosemusic.com'. But somehow I knew it wouldn't remain just a music website and turns out I was right
So while I still have music coming down the pipeline, I'm mostly hanging out at the 'Girl Unltd' (Unlimited) section of this website. Err..that's code name for 'blog' :)

So do check it out as well as all the music strewn around here

AAAAND if you want to dial it up a notch, slide over to the 'Contact' page and send me a message. Honestly, I don't get that many so I read every single one of 'em with a 'Look Ma, I got mail!' level of excitement.
At this point, I'd usually say you can contact me on my social media pages as well. But it's a new era and I'm trying to drop the facade so no, I'd rather you didn't simply cos I don't hang out there much anymore- well, at least for the time being
But let's be honest, if you're here reading this and really wanted to connect, you wouldn't let my request to not message me on social media stop you, would you? Yep, didn't think so :)
Glad to have you here, friend!



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