I love music. More specifically, I love SONGS. I love how they are crafted from a single acorn of an idea to an oak of unlimited possibilities I love how they form the soundtrack of our lives. I love how it builds communities and motivates teams But what I love most? It's how one song can be the highest form of the deepest expression, impact and influence” - Tee Ari
About page- Tee Ari

About page- Tee Ari

Hi! I'm Tee

You stopped by to know more about me, right? Well, far be it from me to disappoint

I'm a singer-songwriter finding expression mainly within what I like to call the "soulful pop" genre- though I’m known to stray from time to time!

I honed my skills singing in church choirs and Christian music groups and for over 2 decades, I've lent my vocals to several music projects (both live and studio) both in the UK and internationally. I've also assumed the role of lead vocalist with notable choirs like the MOBO-nominated John Fisher and IDMC

I grew up thinking I sounded like Whitney (Don't you dare judge me! Tell me which little big brown-eyed girl didn't)

However, trust-worthy sources have told me I sound like what award-winning songstresses Emeli Sandé and Mandisa would if they were altos 

And if you don't agree well... I guess I'll have to check my sources' trustworthiness! 

After several years of pretty much running around in circles, I did the mature thing and finally released some music to the world. You can check it out here

A Few other music facts...

  • Competed in the Open Mic UK singing competition, and having beat thousands of other contestants reached the grand finals, held at the NEC in Birmingham. Here was the judges’ feedback:

“Wow, you are such a captivating performer, you drew us in right from the start.

Incredible vocals, a very commercial sound, you gave me goosebumps!"

  • Organise Love Sung Live, an annual ‘house concert’ of acoustic music and stories.

Would you dig my stuff?

Say yes, please!. But I'm a big girl and I know I won't be everyone's cup of tea.

So here are some facts about you that may suggest I am your 'people' and you’re mine:)

1. You generally love lyric-heavy songs. Don't get me wrong: I like the 4- lined stuff as well (and have even written some personally) but by n large, I do the whole 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd verse thing. Oh, and always with a bridge (Gotta love a cool bridge!)

2. You're cool with vulnerability. Yeah, I write some heavy stuff, sometimes

3. You love strong, bold vocals. Lissen! I'm a church girl surrounded by gospel music. Surely, it was bound to rub off, no?

4. You love a good beat and rhythm but they are not necessarily all you find attractive in music. Sort of goes hand-in-hand with my first point

If you are still reading to this point, I'm officially impressed! I feel like we're now true buddies and can finally go a little further beyond the peripherals

Here are some more facts about me that are non-music related :)

  • I cry watching films or listening to songs. No, it doesn’t have to be anything sad yes, I’m that girl

  • I struggled (and still do sometimes) with confidence and self-worth

  • I love words! I hoot loudly when I encounter words or phrases that that blow my mind. I can read poems and quotes all day, every day
  • I love a good love story. Yep, another hopeless romantic so help me, God!
  • I have a really cool hubby and I’m mummy to 3 troopers
  • I help businesses and personal brands shine and sell with words that connect with bucket loads of authenticity
  • I can live on bread for the rest of my life. Oooh, and cereal!

  • I’m very passionate about seeing women, especially young mums, follow their dreams, find their purpose and live it fully

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