Episode 29- The Incredible Benefits of Journaling 

If you’ve listened to The Girl Unlimited Podcast for any length of time then you’d know how much we dislike barriers and stereotypes. Nothing wrong with barriers if it is keeping negativity and danger away.  

But if it is blocking your next level or your ‘more’ then sorry not sorry, it has to go! 

But sadly many people don’t even know why they are being held back. Is it fear? What kind of fear and why does it have such a hold?  

Is it a lack of clarity of where they are, where they are going, what they want and why they want it? 

These questions don’t even occur to many of us as we are living day to day, month to month and year to year on autopilot  

That just won’t do. Fulfilling purpose and having a meaningful life don’t happen by chance. YOU didn’t just happen by chance and you were created to live a life of purpose and meaning 

That’s why we are talking about journaling today: What it is. Why it is such a good practice to start if you haven’t already and why in my opinion it is one of success’ best-kept secret

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