1. Broken People

From the recordings Broken People and Broken People

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Broken People

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Broken People

What has she gotta lose
It's not like she's not used
To being used
It's gonna get darker in here
As another light goes out
In her cold, cold heart
Lonely hearts in deep despair
Is why You came near

At the end of the day
We are broken people
In need of a saviour
At the end of the day
Our only hope is found
In You alone

(He) stumbles unto the highway
Hoping to God that day
Would be his last
Figures that he deserves it
But not far is a little boy
Who feels so different
Broken hearts in need of grace
Is why you came near
Your love is perfect and complete
Chasing away all our fears


Underneath the charade
When it’s all stripped down
That’s where…
Grace is found
Oh, grace is found in You