1. Road To Gold

From the recording Road to Gold

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Road To Gold

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You thought that nothing would become of me
That I’d never come to anything
But I rise

Yes, you might have given up on me
Cos you couldn’t see what I see
When I rise

I’m stronger
No longer bound

On the road to gold
I’m on my way
My eyes on the prize
Nothing can hold me back

On the road to gold
My life is beginning to unfold
The truth is a weapon
A beauty I hold close

On the road to gold x2

Overlooking what it might cost me
(Cos) you can’t put a price on breaking free
To rise

I’ll run miles and miles on empty
If I knew that you are waiting for me
To rise

I’m stronger longer
No longer bound


I’m stronger
No longer
Bound to the chains
That held me down
I see clearer
Now I’m on the road…


Oohh right from the start
It’s you who’s held me close

On the road to gold…

Written by Tose Umobuarie
© 2018