Episode 36- How to Develop Self-confidence 

S E L F- C O N F I D E N C E 

Do you have this dream you never seem to be able to shake, no matter how hard you try? 

You feel foolish even thinking about it but it fills you with so much joy and transforms you into this giddy school girl? 

That’s the one Sis. That’s one you need to go for. At the very least explore and see where it takes you. Don’t let anything or anyone dissuade you from going after it 

But what if it’s not something or someone keeping you from going after your dreams? What if you are the one standing in your own way?  

What if it’s your own limiting beliefs? 

Limiting beliefs are usually a symptom of a much deeper problem- like a lack of self-confidence 

So how do you grow in self-confidence? This is what we’ll be discussing in this week’s solo episode




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