Episode 24- Creativity, Connection & Motherhood with Madeline Wise AKA Psyrena 

I’ve always been fascinated by the vastness and the vibrancy of human creativity  

I am one of those who believes everyone is creative in some way. But of all creatives, I find artists(both visual and performing) most intriguing 

It’s the way they think and how they look at a thing… 

It’s how they take the ordinary and turn it into something spectacular 

That was the initial reason I asked my guest today to come on the podcast.  

Madeline Wise (who goes by the stage name Psyrena) is a musician and music producer, so a performing artist to all intents and purposes.  

But I struggle to see her as just that because she has a way of painting such vibrant images in the minds of her listeners with her music and it was when I got to interview her I realised how intentional this was 

Psyrena is a London-based Electronic Art Pop artist who mixes electronica, cinematic scores and pop music into one piece of music magic.  

She has also been blessed with a voice that can soothe or cut like a knife. She’s talented, no question 

But at this interview, I also got to meet a woman who champions womanhood and diversity, which probably stems from her multi-lingual upbringing and love for different cultures- signs of which you’ll hear splattered all over her music 

In this episode, we not only get a sneak peek into the woman behind the brilliant art, but we also get to hear what matters most to this mommy musician









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